Scuba Junction: Koh Tao, Thailand review

Scuba Junction: Koh Tao, Thailand Review

I learned to dive in Scuba Junction and cannot speak higher of the organization. There are few better places to dive other than Thailand, and there in Thailand there is no better place to learn than Scuba Junction. I lived in Thailand for just about three years, and while there, I never went anywhere else for diving. Since Scuba Junction, I have been to many different dive locations of differing levels of competency and professionalism, but few compare to SJ.

Professionalism: 5/5

While at Scuba Junction, expect a stellar experience. When I was taking my courses and my subsequent trips, I had many one-on-one dives with my instructor. In a country where punctuality just isn’t as important as it is in the west, Scuba Junction breaks the mold. My scheduled dive times never ran late, and once on the boat, I never felt that we were rushed to go back and grab another group.
After being certified, I moved to the Open Water, Advanced, and started with the Rescue course before my time in Thailand came to an end. Each step of the way, the instructors were professional and very informative.

Prices: 5/5

Prices can’t be beaten. Five years ago, I myself got certified for just about 300 USD, which is about as cheap as anywhere I have found it. As a price sensitive traveler teaching
English, this was a huge pro for me.

Equipment/Amenities: 5/5

The last thing that you need when diving is to have to worry about your equipment, especially 30 meters below the surface. In my 30+ dives with SJ, I never had poor or old equipment, never had a leaky regulator, all my tanks were filled to capacity.

Overall: 5/5

Scuba Junction is a superb place to dive, I would recommend it to anyone, novice or experienced!

Cover Photo courtesy of Natalie A. on Trip Advisor

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