Dive Komodo: Labuan Bajo, Flores, Indonesia Review

Dive Komodo: Labuan Bajo, Flores, Indonesia Review

Doing a liveaboard isn’t something that you have to take your chances on. Spending what might be half of your vacation on a boat in the middle of the ocean requires a bit of homework beforehand. If you are taking a trip to Indonesia to dive with the Komodo dragons, Dive Komodo is a pretty solid bet.

Professionalism: 5/5

The dives were amazing and the staff was incredibly knowledgable and prepared. In a group of 11 divers with mixed abilities, confidence, and requirements, our dive team was above and beyond. While underwater, we saw many macro species and encountered everything from bull sharks, and manta rays to dolphins and sea turtles. At the end of the trip, we finally were able to see the incredibly rare pygmy seahorse, which even when pointed out took me a while to actually locate it.

Prices: 5/5

I paid an incredibly low price of about 750 USD for a 5-day dive trip. The entire trip consisted of lodging, four meals per day, non-alcoholic drinks, airport-ship-airport transfers, fifteen dives, and visit the famous Komodo Dragons. The rate was absolutely incredible and the experience was unforgettable.

Equipment/Amenities: 4/5

There was one pain point of the trip. The night before the dives I was asked to select my wetsuit so that we’d be ready to go the next day. I put it where I was told and thought things were good. The next day, however, the suit wasn’t on board when it was time for our first dive. We searched for about 20 minutes but finally I went with an old rash shirt that one of our instructors had. Although the weather in Indonesia is really quite warm, the water currents can be incredibly cold. For the first day and a half, the dives were incredibly cold and hard to enjoy. But all this is understandable, stuff happens. However, I asked if they could bring the suit when they brought some additional divers we were waiting on. No dice. Eventually, the suit got after the last dive of the second day. Overall it was not a huge deal but with such cold waters, they should be more prepared.

Overall: 5/5

All in all, Dive Komodo was a great outfit. The price can’t be beaten and the instructors were very professional. Plus, saying that you went diving where the Komodo dragons live is always a plus.

Labuan Bajo, Flores, Indonesia

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