Interview with Stefanie Brendl of Shark Allies

We talked late into the night, the California sun had long set behind her. We were connecting via Skype and were starting to wrap up, but Stefanie Brendl was blowing my mind about her experiences diving with sharks, shark population trends, and of course, shark finning. I was enthralled. Stefanie has a story to tell.…

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Interview with Neagha Leonard of the Ca Ba Langur Conservation Project

Every year, millions of travelers come to Ha Long Bay to explore and party in the beautiful crystal clear waters, however just miles away from one of the biggest tourist destinations in the world lies a small island with a world unto itself. This complex eco-system, with emerald waters and limestone karsts soaring up to…

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Interview with Ben Stone of The Phoenix Conservancy

Palouse prairie under clouds

Often times, the efforts of conservationists and those who rely on the land for farming and ranching are inherently at odds. However, of all the organizations that I have researched and talked to, the objective of The Phoenix Conservancy has seemed to best bridge the needs between the two sides. Their mission clearly states their…

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Interview With Tim Holbrook of Masonboro Reserve Oyster Co.

Tim Holbrook of Masonboro Oyster Reserve Co

It should be no surprise to any reader that in another life I was most likely destined to be an oyster farmer. Unfortunately, things just didn’t work out that way, and I have begrudgingly accepted my fate to make a living on dry land.  However, Tim Holbrook gives me confidence that my dream is still…

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Interview with Sam Blount of Frontline Freediving

Sam Blount of Frontline Freediving

“It’s all mental, I mean you can totally freedive 100 feet,” Sam told me. “You’re shitting me”, I said, momentarily looking up from my audio recorder. Looking at his warm, genuine smile, I can tell he indeed wasn’t shitting me. “Well, not with that attitude”. I was worried it would be something like that. In…

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Interview with Professor Larry Cahoon

Photo by Leo Wieling on Unsplash

Wilmington Water Issues Giant mosquitoes, dead pigs and chickens, tainted flood waters; it all sounds like it’s out of a horror movie. After the destruction that came from Hurricane Florence, southeastern North Carolina residents are left to pick up the pieces of this historical rainfall and subsequent flooding. However, in addition to the extensive property…

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