Top Companies That Give Back To The Rainforest

The rainforests of the world are astounding, and from where almost 80% of food originated. Just imagine millions of giving trees handing out everything from shampoo to coffee to moisturizer and you’ll almost be there. Humans have known the giving potential of the rainforests for thousands of years, relying on it’s flora and fauna for food, shelter, and herbal medicines. In recent years, many companies exploited the natural resources that the rainforests have to offer. Fortunately, some organizations are doing their best to show gratitude to the earth which has provided so much and are trying to treat the rainforests with the respect that they deserve.

Endangered Species Chocolate

esc_logoGenerally speaking, there is little better in life than chocolate. Considering that, few chocolates are better than Endangered Species Chocolate. Non GMO, certified vegan, Fairtrade, 72-88% cocoa; Endangered Species Chocolate is amazing. On top of that, this company gives 10% of net profit back to their partners who protect and preserve wildlife. Endangered Species Chocolate delivers has three outstanding qualities that most companies lack; a great product, fairtrade certified, and pledge to give back to the rainforest.

Newman’s Own

Newman’s Own uses 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified organic cocoa in their chocolates. Certainly not the only actor with a green side, Paul Newman’s (yes, that Paul Newman) started his culinary chops back in 1982 by making homemade salad dressings and gifting them to his neighbors. Now, over thirty years and almost a half a billion dollars donated to charity later, Newman’s Own is a shining example of what companies are capable when they decide to give back. But honestly, would you really expect anything less from Butch Cassidy?

Tom’s of Maine

In 2015, Tom’s of Maine made a huge step towards helping to protect the rainforests by exclusively sourcing Rainforest Alliance Certified palm oil. Founded with the motto “both human beings and nature have inherent worth and deserve our respect” in mind, Tom’s also boasts that their manufacturing electricity has been offset by investing in wind energy credits, they use sensor-controlled fluorescent energy-saving fixtures, and they recycle everything from toothpaste tubes, cardboard, and even shrink wrap.

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