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Brian Platt

Brian lived abroad for 2.5 years teaching English in Thailand and the experience made him long for a life of continuous travel. While overseas he traveled all across South East Asia, and was blown away by the food, culture, natural beauty, and hospitality. He likes to play guitar, read, write, and get beat up in jiu jitsu. He is incredibly interested in conservation and animals and would go diving at the drop of a hat.
About Jackie

Jackie Garris

Jackie loves to cook and is a hell of a painter. Although her greatest passion is traveling and experiencing new cultures, the Washington, DC area will always be home in her heart.


The newest addition to tribe, Sawyer is also arguable to most handsome. He loves a good ear scratch, long walks on the beach or in the mountains, and taking up the entire bed at nights. He's a labradoodle, even though he looks like a terrier, never takes off his socks, and is all around a good pup.

About Us

Together Jackie and Brian have been to 13 countries on over 4 continents and counting. They like to travel as much as possible and while there, stay in cheap places, eat street food, and really get a feel for the country they are in.

Neither a guilt-ridden conservation site or a hedonistic travel blog, we like to travel as much as possible and balance living sustainably, mindfully and comfortably.

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