Interview with Craig Sholley of African Wildlife Foundation

It’s not every day that you can interview a personal hero, but luckily for me, today is one of those days. Craig Sholley had the life that many wilderness lovers and environmentalists dream of, and throughout his illustrious career, he has had unprecedented exposure with mountain gorillas in Uganda, Rwanda, and the Congo, and has

Interview With Tim Holbrook of Masonboro Reserve Oyster Co.

Interview with Sam Blount of Frontline Freediving

"It's all mental, I mean you can totally freedive 100 feet," Sam told me. "You're shitting me", I said, momentarily looking up from my audio recorder. Looking at his warm, genuine smile, I can tell he indeed wasn't shitting me. "Well, not with that attitude". I was worried it would be something like that. In

The Oyster Thief Book Review and Interview

The Oyster Thief - In Brief There isn't often a book that both successfully educates as well as entertains, however, The Oyster Thief managed to do both deftly. Taking place deep in the Atlantic Ocean, the novel depicts the life of Coralline, your typical directionless, inattentive, forgetful mermaid who is on the hunt for a

Interview with Professor Larry Cahoon

How debris, organic matter and pollution flow from North Carolina rivers into the Atlantic Ocean. (Image Courtesy of NASA) Wilmington Water IssuesGiant mosquitoes, dead pigs and chickens, tainted flood waters; it all sounds like it's out of a horror movie. After the destruction that came from Hurricane Florence, southeastern North Carolina residents are left

My Secret Quest To Be An Oyster Farmer

Aquaculture and conservation don't necessarily go hand in hand. Fish farming, for example, can be quite detrimental to the environment if done improperly. So, when sustainable food and environmentalism meet it's a big deal, and luckily for us, it's in the form of something truly delicious—the oyster. Recently, I had the opportunity to volunteer at

Unfinished Business—How I Tried to Rebuild My Life

Looking back on it, I might as well have said “let’s build a rocket ship” I was so out of my element. But now, three months later and after gaining experience with log tongs, ridge poles, and reimagined “non-permitted structure” foundations, I’d compare it more to building a Boeing-787. Still well out of my element,

Wildlife Trafficking and Terrorism

With the recent uproar around trophy hunting of lions and elephants, the spotlight has once again been put on big African game and their chances of species survival. Although the backlash against president Trump's proposed lift of the ban is arguably justified, one-off poaching is far from the biggest threat facing these creatures today. Ivory

Trump, Trophy Hunting, and That One Time The President Didn’t Disappoint Us (Yet)

Trump, Trophy Hunting, and That One Time The President Didn't Disappoint Us (Yet) With sharply plummeting rhino populations, a decrease of one-third of total elephants in less than a decade (and many of those numbers from protected areas) and less than 20,000 lions left in the wild, African wildlife has recently found itself in unprecedented

Paris Travel Deal with Fleetway Travel

The internet doesn't need another article about how amazing Paris is. The internet doesn't need another article about how spectacular Parisian food, wine, and architecture is. The internet certainly doesn't need another article talking about how America needs to adopt the "Parisian way of life". But, what the internet does need is an article telling