Inspiring Conservation and Nature Quotes

A good conservation quote can really move you to action. A lot of wise people throughout time have said a few things about conservation and the environment. World leaders, philosophers, actors, and even our favorite gun-toting 70's musician have their share of nature quotes (I'm looking at you, Ted Nugent).   "If we wait for

The Ultimate Thailand Travel Guide

When I left for Thailand over 6 years ago, I could have used a little direction. Wandering the streets alone, unable to speak the language, and close to being flat broke, a travel guide or at least some good Thailand traveling tips would have really come in handy. Little did I know that what was

6 Ways Orangutans Are Just Like Us

"Looking into a hairy mirror" might sound strange but learn a little about these guys and you just may realize that orangutans are just like us. 1) Meet The "Man Of The Forest" Orangutan literally means "Man Of The Forest" in Malay. In fact, they share 96.4% of our DNA. You may say that they are arguably

If You Like The Environment Than You Should Love This Guy (If You Don’t Already)

Titanic Responsibilities To the general public, it's hard to make conservation cool, sexy, or otherwise interesting. Enter the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation. As well known as Leonardo DiCaprio is for his films, he could arguably have more of an impact on future generations through his intense conservation efforts. If you caught his Oscar speech for The

Meet The Bluefin Tuna, While You Still Can

Save the bluefin tuna The prospect of an overfished ocean is a truly scary thing and could be a reality. What we once thought was an inexhaustible resource has fallen to the overconsumption and greed that unfortunately isn't too uncommon for humans. The oceans are being abused, and everything from sharks and sea turtles to

Dive Komodo: Labuan Bajo, Flores, Indonesia

Dive Komodo: Labuan Bajo, Flores, Indonesia Review Doing a liveaboard isn't something that you have to take your chances on. Spending what might be half of your vacation on a boat in the middle of the ocean requires a bit of homework beforehand. If you are taking a trip to Indonesia to dive with the

Scuba Junction: Koh Tao, Thailand

Scuba Junction: Koh Tao, Thailand Review I learned to dive in Scuba Junction and cannot speak higher of the organization. There are few better places to dive other than Thailand, and there in Thailand there is no better place to learn than Scuba Junction. I lived in Thailand for just about three years, and while

Don’t live in fear, it’s completely fine to go back in the water

This is the time of year where it's unavoidable to avoid articles warning beachgoers about the perils of swimming in the ocean. You’ll see clickbait articles that reference "HUGE" and "JUST FEET AWAY" trying to scare you. It's important to remember in the midst of the media frenzy that sharks are not dangerous as once

Why shark diving was an amazing experience that I don’t need to do again

It was cold, but I was still sweating a bit in my wetsuit, repeatedly asking myself "why". There was no point of coming to an answer, it was already too late to back out now... South Africa is an absolutely amazing country with incredible wildlife to see both on the land and in the ocean.

How To Travel in Thailand: What to Do and How to Avoid Getting Scammed

It will seem daunting; people driving the wrong way, motorbikes crowding the street, pink taxis (I mean why are there so many pink taxis?). When the chaos is accepted as beauty, Bangkok is stunning. There are many things that the average westerner needs to accept when going to Thailand (or any part of South East