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Positive Environmental Stories

In the death by 1,000 cuts of today's environment, bad news is as irrepressible as ever. The current state of affairs regarding climate change, potential loss of the honey bees, and obviously, the breakdown of the EPA, can make even the most stoic of conservationists squeamish. But miraculously enough, there appears to be a silver

Canned Hunting: Breeding Lions for Sport

The Big Hunt, nothing new here Our guess is that the original Rough Rider Teddy Roosevelt would never do canned hunting. With the recent news about the Trumps trophy hunting past times, the practice has quickly shot back into the news. Foreigners going to Africa to hunt exclusive game is nothing new, and striving

Nature is good for you

“I felt my lungs inflate with the onrush of scenery—air, mountains, trees, people. I thought, '"This is what it is to be happy.'” As one of our favorite nature quotes, Sylvia Plath was onto something when she wrote The Bell Jar. And she is right, science has determined nature is good for you. Recently, PLOS

What is happening to the bees?

Bees have the ultimate thankless job—all they do is give, and lately they just can't catch a break. Their recent trouble is even more frustrating considering just how great they are. Along with sharks, bees are some of the oldest species. Scientists recently found an 100 million-year-old fossil. They are everywhere, totaling to 20,000 species

People’s Climate March in DC

Learnings from the People's Climate March On the same day that he tried to white-wash his effect on climate change by removing any mention of it from the EPA website, Trump was met with 200,000 pissed off activists at the People's Climate March on his 100th day in office. He may not have even cared.

Inspiring Travel Quotes

Whether you are looking to travel across the world or just down the street, sometimes you just need that extra push. Don't worry, we've got you. There is nothing like an inspiring travel quote to get you out the door and start experiencing life! “A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent

Mantas: Cloaked in Mystery

Game show question time—what is the fish with the biggest brain? You'd be forgiven if you thought that it sharks because of their age, or whale sharks based on their sheer size, but in fact, manta rays have the highest brain weight to body weight, ratio, bigger than most bony fishes, birds and even mammals.

Building a Sustainable Tiny House: Getting the Wood

Building a Sustainable Tiny House: Getting the Wood It was our mission to live out a more sustainable lifestyle that made us decide to build a tiny house, but in our effort to really feel like Pa Ingalls, we decided to harvest our own wood. Generally, we spend a lot of time writing about the

Why Eating Less Meat is Better for You and the Environment

Anyone paying attention to climate change knows that it is more than just carbon emissions from cars or factories. Recent, unsustainable agricultural practices have been called out for their immense impact on the environment. Waste output, water consumption, and land requirements needed for pasture animals is incredibly high and struggling for sustainability considering today's growing populations.

Coral bleaching and ocean acidification

Global warming: Coral bleaching and ocean acidification Kee Alfian/Marine Photobank *This article was updated April 10th, 2017 With varying reports of the oceans consuming 30-70% of the annual CO2 emissions, marine life is bound to suffer severe repercussions. The question remains easy to ask yet almost impossible to answer; how do we best